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To engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians and so increase their

self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. To be able to compose their own music and listen to and develop an appreciation of a wide variety of different types of music critically.


Core Learning:

  • To perform their own and the music of others
  • To compose their own music
  • To transcribe music using musical notation
  • To talk about different types of music


Characteristics of a Musician:

  • To make and perform their own music
  • To have a good range of technical musical skills
  • To appreciate different musical traditions and genres, including music from other times and cultures.
  • To talk about music using the correct vocabulary
  • To enjoy joining in with a diverse range of musical activities


Using and Applying English and Maths within Music:


To listen, understand and respond to others, pupils should be taught to sustain concentration and identify and respond to sound patterns in language [for example, alliteration, rhyme and word play]


Demonstration of skills taught within focused Maths lessons such as

  • Counting beats per bar and understanding how many beats each note value is worth



Teachers set high expectations for every pupil. They plan challenging work to enable all pupils to make good progress regardless of their academic ability or background. We expect all children to make good progress albeit from different starting points.