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Local History



Why are we called Etruscan Primary School?


This is the question we asked ourselves in local history week, which we celebrate every February. During this week, we investigate our local history along with the origin of our name. In 1769, Josiah Wedgwood built his factory 0.9 miles away from where our school is located. He called his factory 'Etruria Works' and the workers were called 'Etruscans'. This name derives from an ancient civilisation located in Northern Italy. During the 18th century, it became fashionable for wealthy young men and women to take 'The Grand Tour' through Europe and visit, among many other things, archaeological digs. Wedgwood sent one of his workers on this tour and asked him to make sketches of the designs he saw. One of the first designs the factory made was based on a piece of pottery found at an archaeological site which they believed was from the Ancient Etruscan civilisation. Wedgwood was so taken with the designs that he named the factory after them. He dreamed of a Utopia where the factory was at the heart of the community. However, during the industrial revolution, coal mining and steel works disturbed the ground and the factory began to sink.  The park was built in the early 20th century so that the local community had somewhere to relax and enjoy themselves. The factory was moved to its current location in Barlaston during World War II due subsidence from the coal seams running beneath the factory in Etruria. 

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, we investigate the school's history. 

In Year 1 we investigate who Josiah Wedgwood was.

In Year 2 we investigate life in Etruria in the 1950's and the 1960's. 

In Year 3 we investigate life in Etruria during the war and the difference it made to people's lives. 

In Year 4 we look at the impact industrialisation had on the local people and the local area. We look at the introduction of the railway and the Shelton Iron Works.

In Year 5 we investigate the 18th Century. We learn about the building of the factory, the Utopian ideal, the Grand Tour and the importance of the canals.

In Year 6 we investigate the fascinating Ancient Etruscan civilisation. 

Take a look below to see what a fabulous week we had this year!