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Anti-Bullying Week


Anti-Bullying Week 2019

Following on from last year’s very successful Anti- Bullying week, the week was planned by the School Council alongside School Council representatives from the other 7 Stars schools.  The theme this year is ‘Change Starts With Us’. The week started with an assembly by Ms Clarke and ended with an assembly by the School Council which asked the children to consider what they think bullying is, how it feels, what they would do if they experienced it and how we can stop it from happening. As part of the assembly we all sang the song ‘You’ve Got A Friend In me’.

Throughout the week, each class engaged in activities designed to raise awareness of anti-bullying and to give children confidence to speak out about it. These activities were planned by the class along with the School Council representatives.

The activities included:

  • Children came in non-uniform, wearing blue (the anti-bullying colour) and odd socks (the same but different!) for the launch on the Tuesday.
  • Throughout the week children learned the song ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ and then sang it in Friday’s assembly.
  • Each child designed an anti-bullying t shirt. The School Council then chose the best t shirt overall which will then be made into t shirt for our anti-bullying mannequin which will sit on our Book Bench project seat to remind us about the anti-bullying messages we have learned
  • Each child drew a picture of their face, focussing on skin colour, eye and hair colour for whole school display, to demonstrate our differences.
  • Every child in each class signed the anti-bullying pledge which is displayed in each classroom.
  • Each class signed the whole school anti- bullying pledge which is displayed in the corridor, the hall and the Headteacher’s office.
  • Children participated in a circle time celebrating friendship.
  • All children from Year 1 upwards made an ‘acts of kindness’ heart for display in the corridor.
  • Anti-bullying questionnaires were completed by children and were also sent out to parents/carers. The results were collated by Ms Clarke with results being shared with parents via a newsletter and with the children during an assembly.

During the weeks that followed, children have felt confident to speak out about bullying. Any incidents of bullying are taken very seriously and are dealt with by Ms Clarke. Incidents are recorded and followed up every two weeks.