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Year 4 are working hard to make sure they know all of their times tables ready for the multiplication check in summer. Remember you can practise your times tables on the following websites: 



Here you can find out about some of the exciting things we have been learning about. 


This half term we are learning about.........


Ancient Egyptians

Summer 2 2023

Year 4 visited Chester Zoo as part of their topic, ‘Why are the rainforests so special?’ We had a wonderful time looking at all of the different animals. We visited the rainforest section and experienced the humidity. We looked at how the animals had adapted to their habitat and discussed which animal would have been in each layer of the rainforest. It was wonderful to see all of the animals and we saw some baby animals! There were elephant and rhino calves! We enjoyed watching the orang-utans play with their babies too. Overall, we had a fabulous day filled with lots learning and animals.