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 Welcome to our Year 4 class page

Our School Council representatives are Rumaysa, Sebastian, Zainab and Shahmir. 


Year 4 are working hard to make sure they know all of their times tables ready for the multiplication check in summer. Remember you can practise your times tables on the following websites: 



Here you can find out about some of the exciting things we have been learning about. 

This half term we are learning about.....


During our WOW day, we travelled around the world like Phileas Fogg did in 'Around the World in 80 days' by Jules Verne. Children travelled from Suez to Bombay, San Francisco to New York, London to Calcutta and Yokehama to Hong Kong. We travelled by tunnel, bridge, stepping stones, hurdles and commando crawling under a net. The children then learned Bhangra techniques of dancing and put them together to create a short dance. We looked at Mehndi patterns and created our own symmetrical pieces. We finally looked at the Indian Holi festival of colour and produced our own vibrant watercolour paintings.

We had a fabulous day during our Indian WOW day which ignited our enthusiasm for our new topic!

Spring 1 - The Victorians 

During our Victorian wow day, we took a step back in time. The children were greeted by Victorian schoolmasters and schoolmistresses. We recited our times tables and a few poems as a class. Our teachers dressed and acted like a typical teacher of the period. We completed a maths lesson on slates using slate pencils. After, we practised our handwriting. It was a lot different back then to how we write now.  After lunch, we played with Victorian games and enjoyed a scrumptious afternoon tea which Queen Victoria made popular during her reign. We had a fabulous day and learned lots about what life was like at school during Victorian times.!

Local History Week

To celebrate local history week, we visited the Etruria Industrial Museum. We had a wonderful time learning about the history of canals, water safety and we visited the Bone and Flint Mill. We learned about how the factory ground bone and flint before sending it to the pottery factories to create bone china.  We also looked at change and continuity over time using ordnance maps. Using a range of sources, we learned about life in the pottery factories and the terrible health conditions people suffered from because of their work.

Autumn Term


During Autumn  2,  we learned how to use curved contour lines and cross hatching to create a 3D drawing. We used Albert Alrecht as our inspiration. Take a look at some of our wonderful drawings.