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Welcome to our Year 1 class page

In Year 1 you will find Mrs Kirkham and Miss Sajid - the teachers.   

Our School Council representatives are Elaf, Abdul, Summayah and Haris.

Year 1 begins the children's journey into Key Stage One, so it's a very important year! We do lots of hands on learning through our inspiring and creative curriculum. We look forward to sharing our new and exciting news with you about all the fantastic things that happen in our Year 1 class.

Learning to read is one of the most important things your child will learn at Etruscan Primary. This is implemented through effective teaching of our RWI phonics to help our children in year 1 to develop the vital skills they need to become fluent and excellent readers.


It is important for you to listen to your child read their reading book every night and sign their reading diary. 

This half term we will be learning ......


Spring 2 - Geography.

Our learning challenge question for this term is ‘Where would I like to Live?’ To explore this, Year 1 explored where we all lived. We used google maps to find our homes. We found out how close some of the children lived to the school and some children lived far away from school. We found out what land marks and locations were close to the school - there was a canal, park and Festival Park. 

STEM Week 

Year 1 had lots of fun during STEM week. The aim of the week was to  introduce the children to the fundamentals of STEM and inspire our children with STEM careers,   while working together to solve fun challenges and engage in exciting and practical learning. The theme of our STEM week was 'Space'. Year 1 read the book 'Man on the moon' and had fun designing and making space helmets for the astronauts.  Year 1 had fun exploring different materials and used technical skills to create a unique and suitable space helmet. Furthermore, Year 1 engaged in a fun science experiment to answer the question ' How far can my space rocket travel?'

Children created their very own space rockets and used straw and air to measure how far their space rocket can fly. They even took part in competitions to see whose space rocket would travel the furthest.  



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