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Reward Programmes


Throughout each week the children can earn a variety of awards. These include the following:

Weekly Class Award

Each week one child from each class is chosen by the class teacher to receive a certificate which is presented in awards assembly on a Friday. This certificate is awarded for a variety of reasons including effort, achievement, progress, homework or other contributions to their class or whole school.

Star Reader

If the children read every day with a parent/carer, or if the child has shown an improved attitude towards reading, then they are entered into a weekly raffle and have the chance of winning a new book. There is a selection of fiction and non-fiction books for the children to choose from. This initiative has had a positive impact and has increased the number of children who read daily at home. 

Star Writer

A Star Writer is chosen each half-term from each class.  The winner's work is displayed in the hall and also receives a special pen.


Presentation Award

Class teachers choose one child each week to receive a golden Headteacher’s sticker in awards assembly for either continued excellent presentation of work in books or for a great improvement in presentation.

Smiley Prizes

‘Smiley’ tokens are given out by staff to children for acts of good citizenship, such as picking up litter, helping somebody or being polite. The children put their ‘smilies’ into a box. Three winners are drawn out in each awards assembly, each winning a small prize which are donated by staff.

Friendship Awards

The Friendship and Playground Buddies award four certificates each week to children they have seen playing nicely at playtime and lunchtime. They present these certificates in the awards assembly.

Team Points

Each child from Year1 to Year6 are in one of four colour ‘houses’, red, green, yellow or blue. Children can earn team points for many different reasons for example for doing homework, for being kind, for doing good work or for having a good attitude to school and learning. These points are collated by the team captains each week and the team with the most points gets a star on the chart. The winning team at the end of each term is the team with the most stars. This team then has a treat, which is decided by team members.

Attendance Awards

We have lots of ways of encouraging and rewarding good attendance and punctuality. Please see our Attendance Policy for more details.