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Friendship and Playground Buddies

Friendship and Playground Buddies


The Friendship and Playground Buddy system is run by Ms Foulkes (Learning Mentor). Each September children from Years 2, 4 and 6 can apply to be Playground/ Friendship Buddies. They then have an interview and, once they are appointed, they have a 4 week training period to learn different playground games and how and when to intervene in any playground disputes.


Friendship and Playground Buddies have a rota of times when they are on duty on the playground. They help children find people to play with and games to play if they are by themselves, they help to solve playground disputes and they provide fun activities for all children to join in with.

Friendship Buddies from Year 6 support children in Years 5 and 6 at break and lunchtime; Friendship Buddies from Year 4 support children in Years 3 and 4; Playground Buddies from Year 2 support children in Years 1 and 2 at break and Years 1, 2 and Reception at lunchtime.

They have looked at resources available for children to play with on the playground and have been responsible for ordering new resources to make playtimes more fun.

Friendship and Playground Buddies are expected to be excellent role models at all times.

They award certificates each week in awards assembly for children who they have noticed being a good friend to others.

 They have regular meetings with Ms Foulkes to discuss how well the project is doing and what needs to happen to make it even more successful.