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Home School Agreement

Agreed by the School Council


To help me do well at school, I will do my best to:

  • Always do my best.
  • Behave well and follow the school values.
  • Listen carefully to instructions.
  • Be kind, polite and helpful to other pupils and grownups.
  • Do all my homework activities.
  • Read every day.
  • Always be on time and not miss school.
  • Talk at home about what I learn at school.
  • Ask my teacher or someone at home if I find my work hard.
  • Wear my school uniform and bring the right equipment to school.
  • Enjoy school and help other children do the same.
  •  Talk to my teacher if I am unhappy or need help.
  • Welcome all new children with kindness. 


To help my child do well at school, I will try my best to: 

  • Make sure my child attends school regularly and contact the school on the first day if my child is absent.
  • Make sure my child is on time for school and collect him/her on time after school.
  • Work with the school to make sure my child behaves well.
  • Get in touch if there are any problems at home that may affect my child’s work or behaviour.
  • Encourage my child to work hard and do all their homework tasks.
  • Encourage my child to read every day.
  • Inform the school about any medical conditions and special provision that needs to be made.
  • Make sure my child wears the school uniform, including school shoes rather than trainers and has the correct kit and equipment in school.
  • Attend any open evenings for parents/carers and reply to any school correspondence.
  • Make sure my child is well fed and well rested so that they come to school ready to learn. 


To help your child do well at school, the school will do its best to: 

  • Make sure your child works hard and is encouraged to do his /her best.
  • Contact you as soon as possible if we are concerned about your child’s work, welfare or behaviour.
  • Get back to you as soon as possible if you write to us or 'phone us.
  • Welcome parents/carers into the life of the school and keep you informed about general school matters.
  • Let you know regularly how your child is progressing.
  • Set your child regular homework tasks.
  • Make sure your child has something to read every day.
  • Offer a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of your child.
  • Provide a range of exciting extra-curricular activities designed to enrich your child’s learning.